What Makes People Love Their Smartphones So Much?

About ten or so years ago, if research was conducted into the number one thing most people would prefer having if they found themselves stuck in a remote island, a good number of them would undoubtedly say food and water. Fast forward to the twenty first century, if the same research was conducted and the study question remained the same: what would you rather have if you found yourself stuck in a remote island, most people would answer: my smartphone of course! These beauties have become a very large part of our lives; we barely seem to function without them. While we can miss a meal or two in a day, the same cannot be said about smartphones.

They have become of as important to us as our car keys or our wallets; we need both these things to successfully get through the day. The question therefore becomes: why do people love their smartphones so much?

Let’s look at it this way; people need car keys to start their cars, and their wallets to pay for meals and groceries. In the same light, people need their smartphones to get started on their day, they need them to keep in touch with friends and family via social media, they need them to locate grocery stores and restaurants, they need them to locate buildings using GPS and they need them to keep their businesses afloat.

love their smartphone so

love their smartphone so

The world at the palm of your hands

Smartphones are like personal computers and laptops, only smaller and sleeker. They enable people keep track of ongoing events worldwide, download music while on the move. People literally spend the entire day on these gadgets, endlessly tapping and touching. Man has often been regarded as a social creature and smartphones only serve to reinforce this. With the internet only a soft key away, smartphones have gone to great lengths to bring people who would have otherwise never interacted closer together. With features such as video conferencing and applications such as snap and share, people are able to communicate and share personal information such as photos regardless of their geographical positions.

Fast and reliable communication

Unlike normal phones which allow you to communicate via messaging and calling only, smartphones allow you to keep in touch via instant messaging, email and chat. They have no restriction as to the size of data you can upload or download especially when it comes to emails. Smartphones allow their users to send and receive emails with attachments, a feature lacking in other phones due to file-size restrictions. This is very good news especially for the business executives who instead of having to rush to the office to attach files before sending on their personal computers or laptops, can simply compose the email message on their smartphones, attach the necessary files and send. Delivery is instantaneous thanks to the extremely fast internet connectivity.

Applications which make your life easier and much more fun

You can access literally thousands of applications using your smartphone and use these apps to customize your phone to meet your needs. This makes them highly treasured gadgets as they function according to your specifications. They do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. Once an application becomes outdated, you can simply download a new version and continue enjoying using your phone without having to replace it in the event that it does not support the new version. Because they are “smart” phones, they can comfortably support any application.

Convenient and reliable, you just have to love them

Thanks to smartphones, people no longer need to move around looking for places. You can even work from home! Connecting with people has been made much easier as a result of social media which is easily accessed using smartphones. Businesses have improved drastically especially due to their email functionality. Shopping has been made much easier as you just search and order online. With all this and more, little wonder exists as to why people love their smartphones so much!

pulling their smartphone

pulling their smartphone

Online Dating: Why It’s Worth A Try

Dating is fun especially when you’ll be going out with somebody you really like. But not all dates end up well. Sometimes the prospect of looking for a date, for somebody that you might like, becomes too difficult. Maybe that is why online dating works for a lot of people. Imagine yourself being set-up by friends for a blind date only to have that date end in bum. What a waste of time, isn’t it? Online dating works because you have a great chance of meeting a prospective date before even asking the person out. Though the complete detail of the person may not be that available to you, at least the basic information will be good enough to get you interested.

Is online dating a clear sign of desperation? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t really care what others think about it. If you begin to see and dwell on the bad side of online dating, then your chances of meeting someone may never happen, ever. The good thing about online dating is that anyone using it is open to meet someone. If they agree to meet up with you that means they are open to the possibility that the date might turn out just fine. Of course, you have to take full responsibility in sorting out your prospects, based on the criteria that you have set for your date.

dating but its worth a try

dating but its worth a try

Here are some more advantages of online dating:

  • You may agree to date at your own phase. Even when you’ve picked out a prospect, you may take your time in asking them out until you’re ready and comfortable. Until you’re ready, you can enjoy each other through live chats or email. By these, you’ll be able to study your prospects flow of conversation and level of interest with you. If you see green light, then it’s time to ask for a date.

  • You are in control on who you want to date. There are no friends to pressure you to accept a date or fix a blind date for you. You are given the opportunity to check the profile of your prospect and see if both of you have common interest before asking him or her out on date. But be careful, not all positive information you see online is as truthful as you’d hope them to be. So when it comes to profiles, I’d take it with a little grain of salt.

  • Date prospects just keep coming in. That’s right! It’s part of the online dating deal, right? You get to see profiles of men and women fit for your liking. You no longer have to ask friends to set you out on a date with their single friends. Besides, your idea of going out on a date with someone you already know, helps takes the pressure off, than someone you don’t completely know. When it’s about time to date, you already know your date and have something common to talk about.

  • If a date doesn’t work out, it’s ok, there’s another date to look forward too. With online dating, you’ll learn to accept that not all dates end well. If it does, then congratulations; if it doesn’t, you’ll be just fine. Knowing that in just a matter of time, you’ll be meeting another person and going out again makes dating something to always look forward too. Besides, every failed date is an opportunity to learn on why it didn’t work out. When you’re ready to date again, you will surely remember the blunders you had and try your best to make it better the next time.

Gave up on online dating.

Gave up on online dating.


Losing 10lbs Quickly Within One Month

Losing ten pounds within one month is an issue that numerous people have to grapple with. Individuals are always on the lookout for effective, safe, and quick ways of losing body fat. There are numerous avenues to follow and formulas to apply today. However, not all are rewarding as they promise to be. So which is the most effective way to shed the unwanted body fat? Well, a number of fast weight loss mechanisms exist. If followed to the latter, these mechanisms will surely bring with them nothing short of success. Let us look at some of them.

Weight loss tip#1 Proper diet plan

Proper diet plans will undoubtedly yield maximum results in terms of shedding weight. Actually, diet plays such a huge role in the weight loss program. If at all any success is to be achieved, you must avoid junk and processed foods and focus on taking healthy foods. Avoid deep fried foods by all means possible. The same applies to salty foods. Proper diet plans not only helps you shed ten pounds within one month but also helps you stay in great shape permanently.

Losing 10 lbs. in one month is

Losing 10 lbs. in one month is

Weight loss tip#2 Physical activity and exercises

A few physical activities and exercises will go miles in helping you shed weight drastically within one month. Incorporate activities such as skipping, jumping, walking, and running into your daily routine. What happens when you are involved in physical activities is that your heart rate increases thus releasing crucial hormones and in the end reduces stress. Exercises go miles in burning fat hence promoting quick weight loss.

Weight loss tip#3 Drink a lot of water

Drinking water every day is also quite effective in shedding weight. Consuming close to ten glasses of water daily inhibits hunger and assists the body to perform its functions efficiently. The body consists of 70% water, which acts as a main source of nutrient transportation to all body parts. It also helps dispose off waste from the body. Failure to consume substantial amounts of water makes the body look for ways to conserve water and in the process lead to gaining of weight. By consuming ten glasses of water daily, you are on your way of shedding ten pounds within thirty-one days.

Weight loss tip#4 Adequate sleep

Make sure you complete your sleep daily. By completing sleep, experts recommend eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. Adequate sleep activates metabolism and makes true your dream of losing weight fast. It also prevents tiredness.

Weight loss tip#5 Do not starve yourself

Opting for starvation as a remedy for weight loss is not advisable at all. Starvation creates an imbalance of internal body mechanisms thus creating many problems. Starving your body brings with it countless side effects that can last for a very long period of time. It slows down metabolism rate, which can be an inducer of gaining weight.

Fast Way to Lose 10 Lbs

Fast Way to Lose 10 Lbs

By following the above guidelines, you will achieve your dream of losing weight, which is ten pounds to be precise within one month. The good news is that you will not only lose weight but will remain permanently in that state. Follow them today and indeed make substantial progress.

3 Incredible TED Videos For Your Inspiration

What happens when you bring all the great minds in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design together under a single roof? The answer is simple: you have the TED talks — 5 to 20 minute videos of speeches made by famous personalities, and sometimes by a name you have never heard of, but nonetheless powerful; videos of speeches and ideas that are worth spreading, ideas that can change the world.

TED videos may present a series of new technological inventions the like of which you have never seen, or sometimes it may just involve a simple speech by some guy on a podium who is being applauded by a geeky glass-wearing audience.

But such talks are the stuff legends are made of, they bring out curiosity and inspire not only the audience, but also millions of viewers worldwide. These talks instill in us the thought that, maybe there’s more potential to us, to life and to the world than what our limited imagination can comprehend.

Here are 3 inspiring TED videos that will keep your mind occupied, if at least, for a little while:

Steve Jobs: How To Live Before You Die

Filmed in 2005 at Stanford University’s commencement ceremony, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and Pixar, talks about his life, his humble beginnings, how he never got the chance to graduate and how to find inspiration from life’s various turns and twists. He encourages, in this video, to endlessly pursue one’s dreams and find opportunities everywhere — in successes and failures, including death itself.

Although not filmed at a TED conference, this video has been featured in TED’s Best of The Web series and may be considered an unofficial TED talk based on the nature and subject of the speech. The video has been viewed over 16 million times on YouTube alone.

The many gadgets we use today, such as the iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc all owe credit to Steve Jobs’ brilliance and innovation during his lifelong tenure as Apple’s CEO. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer on October 2011.

Follow TED

Follow TED

Matt Cutts: Try Something New For 30 Days

Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s spam team. He is the guy behind some of Google’s algorithm updates that has affected thousands of webmasters the world over. Every person who has ever been in the business of search engine optimization knows his name; some love him, some hate him.

In his TED talk, Matt Cutts talks about trying something new for 30 days, like writing a novel. Short and sweet, the speech is inspirational in goal setting and achieving those dreams, in doing something that you’ve always dreamed of doing. He urges to just do it and do it for 30 days because no matter what, these next 30 days will come to pass anyway.

William Kamkwamba: How I Harnessed The Wind

At a young age of 14, a Malawian boy built a windwill to generate electricity for his family’s home using nothing but spare parts, scrap and a book from a library. William Kamkwamba is a born inventor and an inspiration to thousands of young minds all over the world.



Over the years since his first talk at TEDGlobal 2007, Kamkwamba has gone on to write his autobiography ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind’, and a documentary has also been made about him — one that has won several awards. This is his second TED video.

Why Leasing Is Stupid vs Buying A Car

There are two ways to own a car other than receiving it as a gift: leasing or buying. Each has its own pros and cons. The advantages of one are usually the disadvantages of the other. With one’s financial capacity, though, some are forced to lease, some stupidly lease despite the capacity to buy. Those who are financially challenged sometimes just dream to have the car despite the lack of reasons for needing it. They just want it, so they lease. Financial matter aside, the only thing appealing with leasing is being able to drive a new car every 2 years. It builds nothing but your ego.

What makes leasing a car stupid…

  1. You do not own the car. When you lease a car, what you are paying for is the depreciation value. You pay for the use of the car. When you buy a car, you lose the depreciation value and what is left is the car, which is what you bought. So if a brand new car is worth $20,000, you buy it at that price. If the depreciation at the end of 2 years is worth $7,000, that is what you pay when you lease; that is what you lost when you buy. Buy or lease, depreciation is a loss. It is the value lost by using the car.

     Comprehensive Lease vs Buy

    Comprehensive Lease vs Buy

  2. Your mileage is limited. Why have a car when you cannot go where you want, when you want and how far you want? You may be better off commuting. Leasing allows you a certain mileage limit which is usually 15,000 miles per year. If you need to go farther, you have to increase the mileage limit before leasing. And pay for it, of course. As for car buyers, your fuel is your limit. As long as you have money to buy fuel and your car is running fine, go as far as you would like to go.

  3. Long-time lease is more expensive than a bought car. If you intend to use the car for 10 years, that would mean 5 renewal of lease contract. The total amount spent on such is much more expensive than buying the car, even on loan for 5 years, and runs also for 10 years.

  4. Early termination of lease makes you pay for what you did not use. If you suddenly decide you no longer need the car so you terminate early, you need a big amount of money to do so. When, after buying a car, you decided you no longer want it, you can sell it. Even if the depreciation is lessened, you still have the amount of your car turned into cash.

  5. Insurance requirements are higher. People have the tendency to misuse what they are paying for that they really cannot own, thus, the higher insurance requirements for property damage and public liability.

advantages of car leasing

advantages of car leasing